ancillary activities

*** Well-being ***

Activities Description Prices
Sauna/Badstue: 1 to 4 people Includes: pre-heating, wood, water, towels, access to cold bath or snow bath, max 3 hours 400 NOK
Nordic bath/badestamp (book 48h min in advance) Max 6 people Includes: start-up, preheating, wood, water, towels, unlimited duration 1000 NOK
Acitivité bien-être Escapade Norvégienne
Sauna / Badstue
Sauna/Badstue : 1 to 4 people
Acitivité bien-être Escapade Norvégienne
Bain nordique
Nordic bath / Badestamp (book 48h min in advance) Max 6 people
Acitivité bien-être Escapade Norvégienne
Idyllic setting
Enjoy a relaxing break

*** Fishing tackle hire ***

Description Number of people Price per day
Canoes (including lifejackets and paddles, and waterproof bags if necessary) 400 NOK
Float tube (including waistcoat, fins and oars) 1 250 NOK
Zodiac: (including lifejackets, sonar, electric motor and oars) 4 max 400 NOK
Pontoon boat (including lifejacket, oars and electric motor) 1 300 NOK / day
Traditional fibreglass rowing boat (including life jackets, oarlocks and wooden oars) 2 250 NOK
Road transfers 150 NOK / hour
Séjour pêche Escapade Norvégienne
Canoes (including life jackets and paddles, and waterproof bags if necessary)
Hodalen Grunneierlag boat (including waistcoat, oarlocks and oars)
Séjour pêche Escapade Norvégienne
Zodiac with sonar and electric motor

*** Winter equipment hire ***

Description Prices
Cross-country skis, poles and shoes NOK 50 / day
Snowshoes and poles (bring suitable snow boots) 50 NOK / day
Pulka 155cm (towable sled for transporting equipment) with drag and harness 150 NOK / day
Cross-country skis
You can enjoy cross-country skiing on both marked and unmarked trails.
Location raquette Escapade Norvégienne
To discover the region in winter
Location pulka Escapade Norvégienne
Pulka with harness

*** ice fishing ***

Activity Description Nbre / pers. Price per day
Ice fishing (group rate) Includes: accompaniment on site, drilling of holes, loan of equipment and advice from 10am to 2pm for 1 to 4 people. Fireside lunch included for the group. Choice of spot(s) according to wishes and conditions. 1 to 4 people 1000 NOK
Pêche sur glace
Ice fishing
Accompaniment on site, drilling of holes, loan of equipment and advice

*** Guided walks ***

Activities Description Manager duration Nbre /people. max Prices Student price Child price
-12 years
Visit to Røros 1 day tour Includes: City walk, spa or horse-drawn sleigh ride and pizza in a typical restaurant, all day, transport and expenses included (excluding drinks). Possibility of visiting the reindeer. Book in advance Getaway 1 day 10am-6pm 4 people 1600 NOK 1400 NOK 1200 NOK
Canoeing the Hodalen lakes 1 day Includes: Sailing equipment, shore breaks, lunch, campfire and swimming, exploration of the islets, return shuttle. Min 3 people Getaway or service provider 1 day 10am-4pm 3 to 7 people 1500 NOK 1000 NOK 750 NOK
Canoeing down the Hola from Kåsa to Oversjødalen. 1 day trip Includes: Sailing equipment, waterside breaks, lunch, campfire and swimming, exploration of the riverbanks, return shuttle. Min 3 people Getaway or service provider 1 day 9am - 6pm 3 to 7 people 1800 NOK 1200 NOK 950 NOK
Cross-country skiing ½ day introductory Max 4 people ½ day Includes loan of equipment Escapade or service provider 1/2 day9am-12pm or 2pm-5pm 4 people 500 NOK 400 NOK 300 NOK
Cross-country skiing day trip Includes loan of equipment and lunch Escapade or service provider Day10am - 4pm 4 people 750 NOK 600 NOK 500 NOK
Snowmobile A day's driving, including an introduction and guidance on marked trails. Car transfer included. For any request, please contact us Service provider Day 9am-8pm 4 people 4000 NOK
Visit to Røros
The historic market town of Røros, in Trøndelag
Séjour Photo Escapade Norvégienn
Canoeing lakes and rivers
Hodalen lakes, canoeing down the Hola river
Tour of the property and introduction to driving

*** Sled dogs ****

Activités Description Distance* durée Nbre / pers. max Prix Prix ÉTUDIANT Prix enfant
- 12 ans
Visit to the kennels: Every day at 9am by prior arrangement Presentation of the dogs, free food and games, petting and explanations, access to the relaxation park, coffee and hot drinks included. 1 h 10 90 NOK 80 NOK 50 NOK
Baptism in the sleigh 5km/30min - Max 2 people FREE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 6 ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT 5 km 0,5 h 2+1 child 500 NOK / lap 500 NOK / lap 500 NOK / lap
Baptism in the sleigh on the swamp trail 15km/1h30 15 km 1,5 h 2+1 child 1000 NOK / lap 1000 NOK / lap 1000 NOK / lap
Easy driving 15km Beginner level Includes: introduction to the farm 15 km 1,5 h 4 1000 NOK 600 NOK
½ day sleigh ride on the lakes of Hodalen 30Km/3h30 Practitioner level 30 km 3 h 4 1800 NOK 1300 NOK
Mountain trek to Elgpiggen 55km/5h with lunch Advanced level Lunch included 55 km 6 h 3 2500 NOK 2000 NOK
Dog-drawn skiing, guided walk, Bruengrunden 10Km/2h Includes: loan of equipment hot drinks 10 km 3 h 2 500 NOK 400 NOK 300 NOK
Dog-drawn skiing, guided walk, Rabbengrunden 15Km/3h Includes: loan of lunch equipment 15 km 5 h 2 750 NOK 650 NOK 450 NOK
Children's introductory sleigh Includes: introduction to the farm, snowmobile supervision and photo opportunity (1 to 2 children max/session). 1 km 1 h 1 500 NOK
Children's sled on the zigzag track Includes: snow motorbike coaching 5 km 1 h 1 500 NOK
Towed scooter tour of Drengen 10Km/30min Sports level 10 km 1 h 2 500 NOK 400 NOK
Towed scooter around Nordersjoen 15km/1h30 Sports level 15 km 2 h 2 750 NOK 650 NOK
Mountain canirando to Storsjobua hut with lunch Hiking with dog traction possible Includes: lunch 10 km 4 h Min 2 people Max 4 people 600 NOK 500 NOK 400 NOK
Canirando GrønnHammeren, Bjorsjøkletten, lunch Risbekkbua Hiking with dog traction possible Includes: lunch 10 km 4 h Min 2 people Max 4 people 600 NOK 500 NOK 400 NOK

* Distance (adaptable according to circumstances or request)

Escapade Norvégienne, séjour chiens de traineaux
Children's sleigh
Children's sleigh initiation
Baptêmes chien de traîneau
Sled dog baptism
We have several formulas to offer you
Trottinette tractée
Trottinette tractée tour de Nordersjoen 15km/1h30

*** restoration ****

meal Prices Student price Children's price
-12 years
Full breakfast 150 NOK
Lunch 200 NOK
Meal starter main course dessert 400 NOK 300 NOK 200 NOK
Homemade pizza and salad 150 NOK
Taco or local elk burger 150 NOK
Gourmet coffee (to order) 80 NOK
Restauration Escapade Norvégienne
Complete breakfast
Restauration Escapade Norvégienne
Meal formulas
Several options available
Restauration Escapade Norvégienne
Special occasions
Our chef can suggest dishes or desserts to suit the occasion
drinks Prices
Syrups, coffee, teas and herbal teas are included in the room rate
Wine bottle 75cl 300 NOK
Wine glass 15cl 65 NOK
Beer in 50cl cans 65 NOK
Soft drinks/ non-alcoholic beers 40 NOK
Strong spirits 2cl 65 NOK
Restauration Escapade Norvégienne
Local seasonal products
Eating locally and in season
Restauration Escapade Norvégienne
Meals in the open air
We can offer you packed lunches to enjoy outdoors
Restauration Escapade Norvégienne
We offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

2 networks available:

Mobile network and Internet available on demand at Hodalen Farm

Escapade norvégienne

advice customers

Customers who have enjoyed their stay at Escapade Norvégienne.

Michel Renoir
Michel Renoir
Merveilleuse athmosphere dans un paysage sauvage et paisible. Réception admirable de passion par Stéphanie, Jean-Philippe et leur petite Sophie. On reviendra une 4eme fois !
Escapade Norvégienne is the peace and serenity you need without even knowing it. It’s a quaint and charming place in an otherwise very unpopulated area and it gives you toasty warm cabin vibes as soon as you arrive. Make sure to take a trip down to the lake and borrow a canoe to go visit the mossy island in the middle. You’ll find the epicenter of peace and serenity on the quiet shores of this little island. The gastronomical highlight of the stay was the breakfast the next morning! Homemade croissants, curtesy of our French hostess, garden picked strawberries, freshly baked bread and a selection of meats and cheeses. The coffee was delicious too - but almost not needed after the amazing night of sleep and the soul-recharge this place gives.
Jesper L
Jesper L
Beautiful place with lovely hosts.
stephane jousset
stephane jousset
Lieu et acceuil sympathique et chaleureux.Stéphanie est française et elle s est mis a notre service alors que nous sommes arrivés le soir sans prévenir. Petit chalet a disposition avec tout le confort. Ils font aussi des balades a chien de traineau. Nous y retournerons avec plaisir.
Rune Gellein
Rune Gellein
Too bad we could only stay 1 night. Great place, great hospitality and a fantastic breakfast 😄
Jane Hurum
Jane Hurum
Wonderful hosts, beautiful location with unique Norwegian scenery. It's like taking a trip back in time, to a simple and beautiful life. They have their own hens( means fresh and amazing eggs for breakfast) and their own dogsled dogs available for trips. If you want to Explore the beautiful nature in Norway, with perfect guides this is the place. You can even get a own guide for a custom made fishing trip. The french cuisine from the lovely hostess is AMAZING, a must try! Great value for money. Best place to stay in Tolga.
Hans Fredrik T
Hans Fredrik T
Magic Magical place. Bit like a fairytale. Lot of hearty warmth. And a warm welcome from the sledge dogs. Had to smile when they all started houling when we arrived. Cented rooms and bathroom. Lots of small and fancy details.
Jane H
Jane H
Beautiful scenery Beautiful location, clean and simple. Highly recommend their homemade french food. High value for money, best place to stay in the area of Tolga. If you want to Explore Norwegian nature this is the place to visit. This location have their own hens (this means fresh, amazing eggs for breakfast) and their own dogsled dogs. You can join their guide on a fishing trip or enjoy walks in beautiful nature. This place is like taking a trip back in time, back to the simple and idyllic life of Norway.
The perfect hideaway, in serene beautiful nature with a homemade breakfast to die for ☺I had been on a long roadtrip already, including several workshops (I am a photographer), and was just dog tired and wanted to rest for one night, and then driving from Røros I found this place close to the border, less than one hour away. It is beautifully situated, in serene nature, and although close to Røros, it is the perfect hideaway. Run by a French couple that have found their piece of paradise, running a husky farm among other things. It is an old farm, with hundreds of years of history in its walls, and huge comfortable beds, tough to wake up from. I am not a breakfast person, but Stephanié made the best brunch I have had in a very long time, with fresh home made sourdough bread, wonderful French omelette, cheese, cured meats, lingonberries +++, and all just for me! That meal alone was worth it, so my only complaint is that I couldn't stay longer.
Gezellige cabin met een verrassend uitzicht ☺De accommodatie ligt op een geweldige plek. De gastvrouw en haar dochter waren zeer vriendelijk. We hebben genoten van het heerlijke ontbijt.
☺woonkamer met houtkachel en uitzicht zeer vriendelijke eigenaresse. ☹toilet is buitenom. In de nacht met vrieskou en sneeuw niet zo comfortabel.
☺Hyggeligt sted, dejlig natur, sød værtinde.
Fairytale ☺Fantastic location, amazing fairytale howling sounds from the sledge dogs. The host was helpful to find us another location on our way back, since theirs was full booked, but we unfortunately could not answer due to the lack of reception in the woods. Sorry for that and we are grateful for your help! ☹Everything was perfect.
Anbefales ☺Veldig god service og nydelig sted! Anbefales