Getting to Hodalen

Norway, a long country…
From south to north it measures over 2500km. It shares borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. On the globe, Scandinavia looks like the head of a horse in northern Europe : the Norway would be its mane !

Its coastline is very jagged (a reminder of the Ice Age) and the ribbons of sea plunging inland between vertiginous cliffs make up the world-famous fjords. Of the country’s 19 provinces, only 2 have no access to the sea. These are the inland provinces. It’s in these sheltered areas that the heart of the country beats, and it was in one of them that we set down our suitcases.

TheInnlandet lies to the east of the country more or less in a triangle between the cities of Oslo, Trondheim and the Sweden. It’s a province of deep forests, lakes, crystal-clear rivers, mountains, high plateaus.

This is the land of long, harsh winters and plenty of snow, because here the influence of the ocean and the Gulf Stream, which softens the coasts, is not felt. Here, the climate is dry and the winters are cold and white. The sun often shines, the air is pure, the water clear, the nature unspoilt and the peace and quiet royal, all of which will provide you with wonderful moments of fulfilment.

Within the province, the “Fjellregion” – the highlands region – is characterised by gentle mountains surrounding ancient glacial valleys. Huge high plateaus stretch as far as the eye can see, covered in tundra, bouncing streams and shimmering little lakes in summer, white with snow, wind and icy air in winter. A skier’s and sled dog’s paradise! This is where Hodalen is located, a small market town of 85 inhabitants attached to the commune of Tolga. Situated on a plateau at an altitude of 800m, the village is one of the highest in the region. It is home to a succession of lakes close to the Forollhogna (reindeer reserve) and Femundsmarka nature parks. Long winters are guaranteed here, and the walking opportunities are endless! The views are extremely unobstructed and the landscapes very open.
Staying here will give you a real sense of timelessness. Traditions are still very much alive here, and most of the farms are organic. Everyone is committed to protecting the land and preserving the beauty of the place. Come and experience “riding” in Hodalen, come and discover the Norway from the inside, its landscapes, its traditions, its people, its gentle majesty.

Hodalsveien 1155 . N-2540 Tolga (Norge)

Coordonnées GPS : 62.360103,11.192322

Tél. : +47 97 41 80 85 ou +47 97 02 83 85

  • Arriving at Oslo airport you can either hire a car or take the train directly from the airport
  • You can also take a domestic flight back to RØROS located a 40mn drive from our place of residence. (
  • The route is a little longer but still possible. The Ferry is the usual means of locomotion in Norway. You will arrive via northern Denmark. Regular service between Hirtshals and Kristiansand
  • Between 4h00 and 4h30 to reach the small town of Tynset from the City of Oslo. Regular trains, for which there is only one possible address
  • Trondhein, Røros are also departure points to Tynset