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Fishing break in a cabin

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30 min by boat

Crossing a lake


price of stay : 2200 €
based on 4 anglers: minimum booking 4 months before the holiday

Prix du séjour pension complète avec accompagnement
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The Plus

Less than an hour's drive from the lodge and 30 minutes by boat we cross the lake to reach a so British hut.

In a totally wild nature you will have the opportunity to cross reindeers.

The lake offers a very nice density of grayling as well as many carnivores.

From dream to reality, a panoramic view of the river will let you envisage many catches.

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Level of difficulty


★★ Fairly easy

★★★ Medium

★★★★ Difficult

★★★★★ Very difficult

In the summer of 1892, a new existence, vibrant with activity, appeared on the western shore of Lake Femund. The sound of axe and hammer echoed across the pristine terrain, against a sublime backdrop where the sea shone between the birch and pine trunks to the east, while Rendals-Sølen dominated the horizon to the west. The famous “Kresten på haugen“, a skilful lumberjack, had undertaken to build houses for London lawyer brothers Richard Ford Smith and Charles Lassow Smith. Passionate about fishing, the latter had been attracted by the exceptional opportunity to fish in this region.

This was the start of an extraordinary adventure: a 30-minute boat trip across the lake will take us to this historic site. It was here that fly fishing was introduced to Norway by these two English lawyers in 1892. We will spend two nights in this place steeped in history.

<Afterwards, a walk will take us to a magnificent isolated cabin where we will spend two days enjoying the peace and quiet of the placex. We’ll then visit an old Norwegian fishing camp and spend a further two days on a new, smaller river that’s just as rich in fish.

Finally, we’ll return by boat to end our adventure, our heads full of memories before heading back to Escapade. This is how unparalleled wildlife unfolds in the lands of Femund. The Smith brothers were experts. They had spent several previous summers in Engerdal, staying with Ola Thoresen Galten and fishing in the Røa and Klara rivers. Each year, they felt more attached to this wild paradise, nicknamed the “valley behind the mountain”. When opportunities to buy land arose, they seized the chance. They bought land from the Rendølers – their splendid hut is on Enkeseterteigen – and a few hundred metres away is Galthue, offering some of the best fishing on the river. This is where the Trysil – Klara – river begins its long journey towards Värmland and Vänern.

Fishing equipment


Whip fly fishing is the most effective on the routes we offer.


The typical fly rod is a 9 footer for a 4/5 line, but a 10 footer is also very suitable, particularly for nymph fishing with thread. For those who want to try their hand at lake or streamer fishing, and also for larger trout, a 7-power tank rod will do the trick. In this case, use a reel with a plunging line or, better still, a “versi tip” line, i.e. with several interchangeable tips of different densities. For pike, you can also use a set of 8 to 10 gauge line.

Leaders should be long enough, 1.5 times the rod length, and end with 14/16 tips for dry fishing, sometimes 12 hundredths but very rarely 10. You can fish in 14 or even 16/18 hundredths for nymphing with line and reel!

In some parts of these rivers and on many lakes, it is also possible to fish for beautiful pike. In this case, a strong nylon such as 80/100 hundredths or a steel leader with a large streamer will do the trick.


Light 5/10-gram casts with a 20/22-centimetre reel are ideal for most rivers. For lakes and large rivers, a more powerful rod capable of casting bubbles or rapalas with a 25/28-centimetre line is more suitable. This rod can also be used to fish for pike in lakes and downstream on rivers. Make sure you have a few steel leaders and staple swivels. Ball lures such as Cristal Laser yo Zuri and spinners and wobblers give good results.



Large deer sedges such as the Elk Hair Caddis or the Goddard Caddis, mounted on 12 and 10 hooks are excellent for evening shots and in 14/16 during the day.

Duck asses in shades ranging from green to brown via black and yellow and in sizes from 12 to 20 are excellent during the day depending on the hatch. Big flies that float well like parachutes are often caught without a second thought in currents. Classics such as hare’s ears, CDCs and a few chironomid imitations in black, olive and brown also give good results on small streams and lakes.

In nymphs

The big gold helmets pheasant tail and ears of hare in number 12 are well accepted in the currents. Less weighted nymfes are interesting for prospecting the edges and on the big smooths as well as some olive and brown gammares. As a general rule, a small assortment of gold helmets from 2 to 4.5mm will allow you to fish everywhere. A few casters and double balls will complete your outfit and allow you to fish the most powerful currents.

Drowning and streamer

The flies are quite full and the olive, beige and black colours are excellent. On the lake, which is 5 minutes from the farm, adult and emerging sedge imitations are well suited. Black, white and orange rabbit streamers are of interest to large fario! For pike, 4/0 or 6/0 tandem flies and large pink, orange, green and white streamers are excellent. For the more sporty, a few large 4/0 poppers for tropical sea fishing can give you some incredible surface attacks!


It’s advisable to pack a good wading jacket to keep out the rain, as well as warm clothing such as fleece, a hat and gloves – in short, the usual outfit for Nordic countries, where the climate can change, even in summer. After all, it can be very sunny and very cold in the same day!

Neoprene waders are not essential, so opt instead for breathable fishing trousers and fleece underwear, which are more comfortable to wear and make walking easier. When it comes to wading boots, felt soles with studs work best on all types of terrain. Don’t forget to pack a good pair of polarised sunglasses and a cap. A good mosquito spray is essential. And if you really fear these insects, a mosquito net placed over your cap will protect you completely. Products such as 5 sur 5 or insect screen will protect you,

Alternatively, we sell a very effective local product based on essential oils.


Depending on the year and snow conditions, fishing starts around mid-June and remains good until early October, particularly for dry grayling. July/August and September are the best months to fish for the three main species: grayling, trout and pike.

fishing zone

On the western shore of Lake Galtsjøen (643 m), a 30-minute boat trip will take us to a historic site. This is where fly fishing was introduced to Norway by two English lawyers in 1892. We’ll spend two nights and three days fishing in this place steeped in history.


In the event of an established risk or unfavourable weather conditions, we give ourselves the power to take various actions, such as increasing the number of guides on accompanied tours, adjusting the itineraries of our tours, or even temporarily suspending a tour or holiday if we consider that the degree of risk is unacceptable.

Our primary commitment remains your safety and complete satisfaction.

Itinerant fishing

notices customers

Customers who enjoyed this holiday : Fishing in a cabin

Michel Renoir
Michel Renoir
Merveilleuse athmosphere dans un paysage sauvage et paisible. Réception admirable de passion par Stéphanie, Jean-Philippe et leur petite Sophie. On reviendra une 4eme fois !
Escapade Norvégienne is the peace and serenity you need without even knowing it. It’s a quaint and charming place in an otherwise very unpopulated area and it gives you toasty warm cabin vibes as soon as you arrive. Make sure to take a trip down to the lake and borrow a canoe to go visit the mossy island in the middle. You’ll find the epicenter of peace and serenity on the quiet shores of this little island. The gastronomical highlight of the stay was the breakfast the next morning! Homemade croissants, curtesy of our French hostess, garden picked strawberries, freshly baked bread and a selection of meats and cheeses. The coffee was delicious too - but almost not needed after the amazing night of sleep and the soul-recharge this place gives.
Jesper L
Jesper L
Beautiful place with lovely hosts.
stephane jousset
stephane jousset
Lieu et acceuil sympathique et chaleureux.Stéphanie est française et elle s est mis a notre service alors que nous sommes arrivés le soir sans prévenir. Petit chalet a disposition avec tout le confort. Ils font aussi des balades a chien de traineau. Nous y retournerons avec plaisir.
Rune Gellein
Rune Gellein
Too bad we could only stay 1 night. Great place, great hospitality and a fantastic breakfast 😄
Jane Hurum
Jane Hurum
Wonderful hosts, beautiful location with unique Norwegian scenery. It's like taking a trip back in time, to a simple and beautiful life. They have their own hens( means fresh and amazing eggs for breakfast) and their own dogsled dogs available for trips. If you want to Explore the beautiful nature in Norway, with perfect guides this is the place. You can even get a own guide for a custom made fishing trip. The french cuisine from the lovely hostess is AMAZING, a must try! Great value for money. Best place to stay in Tolga.
The perfect hideaway, in serene beautiful nature with a homemade breakfast to die for ☺I had been on a long roadtrip already, including several workshops (I am a photographer), and was just dog tired and wanted to rest for one night, and then driving from Røros I found this place close to the border, less than one hour away. It is beautifully situated, in serene nature, and although close to Røros, it is the perfect hideaway. Run by a French couple that have found their piece of paradise, running a husky farm among other things. It is an old farm, with hundreds of years of history in its walls, and huge comfortable beds, tough to wake up from. I am not a breakfast person, but Stephanié made the best brunch I have had in a very long time, with fresh home made sourdough bread, wonderful French omelette, cheese, cured meats, lingonberries +++, and all just for me! That meal alone was worth it, so my only complaint is that I couldn't stay longer.
Gezellige cabin met een verrassend uitzicht ☺De accommodatie ligt op een geweldige plek. De gastvrouw en haar dochter waren zeer vriendelijk. We hebben genoten van het heerlijke ontbijt.
☺woonkamer met houtkachel en uitzicht zeer vriendelijke eigenaresse. ☹toilet is buitenom. In de nacht met vrieskou en sneeuw niet zo comfortabel.
☺Hyggeligt sted, dejlig natur, sød værtinde.
Fairytale ☺Fantastic location, amazing fairytale howling sounds from the sledge dogs. The host was helpful to find us another location on our way back, since theirs was full booked, but we unfortunately could not answer due to the lack of reception in the woods. Sorry for that and we are grateful for your help! ☹Everything was perfect.
Anbefales ☺Veldig god service og nydelig sted! Anbefales

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